Pura Vida at home

Do you like the idea of a room described as peaceful, simplistic, pure, relaxing, luminous and natural? Inspired by Pura Vida in the Sherwin Williams 2016 Design Forecast, this collection of furnishings beckons you to unwind and exhale.  The complete collection of Pura Vida home decor is on my Pinterest page, and if you’d like more info on the items featured, email me.  Breathe deep and enjoy!



This concept of pure & full life is so much more than natural home decor or soothing paint colors. Here are some of my favorite things that contribute to a full life – or my own Pura Vida.

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Sherwin-Williams 2016 Design Forecast


One of the highlights of my year is attending the ColorMix event each fall presented by Sherwin-Williams. Color fascinates me. Finding the perfect palette for each each customer – combining colors that enhance a space and make eyes smile – it’s an aspect of my work that keeps projects unique and exciting. I love how our eyes are all different – not just the color, lashes and spacing – but how we all have a unique view from our own lenses. How we see color, it affects us differently.

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