Mas Amor Por Favor – 2016 Design Forecast

More love please!  This trend in the Sherwin Williams 2016 Design Forecast is social, fun, feminine, playful, and happy with vintage undertones.  It’s all about sharing the love locally, engaging in actual social gatherings, not just social media.  Social. Change. Playful. Indulgence.  Here is Mas Amor Por Favor . . .

The Palette

This collection of happy hues is the perfect inspiration as we welcome spring.  Sherwin Williams says this palette “connects across generations: dashing greens and cheeky pinks with a flower power that’s as crisply modern as it is soulfully vintage.” The Mas Amor palette is happy and full of life with colors guaranteed to lighten up our spaces and faces with smiles . . .

Mas Amor Palette


While we love our social media, this trend reveals that we crave actual social gatherings.  Face-to-face interaction and experiences amidst our ever-increasing virtual relationships.  My husband and I recently attended a friend’s backyard birthday party which epitomized this trend beautifully. Sounds of lively music and laughter.  S’mores made at the flickering outdoor fire pit.  A whimsical outdoor chandelier suspended from a huge oak tree casting soft light over the evening’s festivities. A friend and I jokingly said how great it is to actually see each other in person instead of on our Facebook feed. We are social beings, and that party reinforced the truth that we need real-life contact – looking into eyes of a friend, a handshake of greeting, a hug for the birthday gal.  Life is enriched through our relationships.

With our desire for social interaction and fun, we are rediscovering the enjoyment of garden parties, intimate gatherings, and outdoor weddings.  Vintage florals* are making a comeback, creating a lively backdrop for your outdoor picnic table or indoor supper club.


Another driver of this trend is “Responsible Me.”

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” – Ghandi

One of the simplest examples of this happens daily in the Starbucks drive through, when one person chooses to pay for the coffee of person behind them and the cycle of paying it forward begins.  Each of us make an impact daily on the lives around us . . . hopefully for the good.  Shopping is one area we are growing more aware of our potential for change.  Fair trade companies enable us to make ethical purchases benefitting people groups around our globe.  One of my favorite such companies is Noonday Collection.  This Austin-based fair trade company partners with artisans around the world, empowering them with opportunities in business and ultimately changing communities for the better – all through the purchases of unique jewelry and accessories.  Using the Mas Amor color palette as inspiration, I think these items from Noonday would be fabulous for your next upcoming soiree . . .

The Mirage Scarf . . how cute are these tassels?

The Fringed Crescent Earrings – in a delightful shade of pink, these are the perfect party earrings.

This sweet and shimmery cuff – the Ivory Tiles Bracelet – is a fun mix of leather, gold thread and faceted glass.

To complete your ensemble, arrive in style with this flowery pleated clutch from Three Cords Haiti, a truly inspiring company that employs artisans with disabilities.  I love their adorable flower pins to dress up a denim jacket, add a little whimsy to a throw pillow, or give pizazz to a blah lamp shade.



This theme is about fun and embracing happiness.  Unstuffy and a bit off the beaten path is the rule of thumb for infusing this trend into your home.  I love incorporating something unexpected into the interiors I create – an object of interest or whimsy that makes people smile and reflects the unique personality of the family.  So be daring – it’s fun to color outside the lines of design every once and awhile.

How about hosting a spring tea party?  These whimsical tea pots in canary yellow* pour up some unexpected fun, and this paper tea party collection has all you need to make it lovely yet unfussy.

Feeling crafty? This colorful string art three-dimensional message perfectly sums up this trend (and the step-by-step tutorial  has great photos).

Ever seen a hanging shoe plant pot? The vast depths of the internet never cease to provide us with unique objects and ideas.  This piece is guaranteed to spark a fun conversation . . . just watch your head!

One of my favorite unexpected and playful additions to my own home is this handsome deer head mounted inside an antique gold frame.  I love how the classic vintage frame showcases the crisp modern white stag.  He makes me smile as I enter the room.  I also must say that the small construction paper deer head is of equal delight because it was a gift from my son, who said “I made this for you because I know you like deer heads, mommy.”  While this one is a one-time rendering by the artist himself, the Templeton White Faux Deer is available and a great way to add whimsy to your wall.

deer head


The idea of indulging from this trend can be described as diving into beauty and whimsy.  It’s not the stuffy pretentious type of indulgence, but more of a wink-and-a-smile playful enjoyment of life and the beauty it offers.  This trend plays out beautifully at outdoor weddings, where champagne towers are becoming a popular trend (and a great photo op) for the bride and groom.  I came across this lovely little party post featured on Style Me Pretty Living, where the host created a champagne tower for her guests.  The soft pinks, warm candlelight, delectable treats and overall intimate feel of this gathering exudes the Mas Amor indulgence beautifully.

champagne tower

To bring a dose of this Amor trend into your interior, you need flowers.  Fresh flowers, a flower-print pillow, flower apron . . . several touches of floral to infuse life and color into the room.  I adore this sweet pink clay ranunculus, crafted by Artist Diane Phillips, for its vibrant hue, versatile size, and especially its no-water-required attribute.


I also adore this pretty piece by Artist Bethany Fields titled “Miss Havesham’s Roses.” The palette and flowers combine to exude a simplistic joy . . . the perfect art for a wall in need of a little love.

If you have a wall where you’d really like to indulge, consider a patterned wallpaper, like this Lovely Lattice Wallpaper* in a fresh spring green or Birdsong* in a deep berry, both from York Wallcoverings.

This bloom phone vase is artfully clever, providing a tidy charging station for your phone and a place to display your favorite blooms.

So, how about Mas Amor Por Favor?  It’s such a happy collection of beautiful things (see them all here on my Pinterest page).  It reminds me that we all seek the beauty of love, the greatest gift we can give to another.  I’ve been reading For the Love by Jen Hatmaker and highly recommend this humorous and truth-filled book.  This is a beautiful life we live . . . let’s love and laugh abundantly!

* For more info on ordering items marked with an asterisk, contact Valerie Griffin.

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