Sherwin-Williams 2016 Design Forecast


One of the highlights of my year is attending the ColorMix event each fall presented by Sherwin-Williams. Color fascinates me. Finding the perfect palette for each each customer – combining colors that enhance a space and make eyes smile – it’s an aspect of my work that keeps projects unique and exciting. I love how our eyes are all different – not just the color, lashes and spacing – but how we all have a unique view from our own lenses. How we see color, it affects us differently.

The canvas of our homes should display hues which create the desired atmosphere of each room . . . and just as the climate varies outside our doors, changing our interior environment through color, even with a new pillow, creates a renewed satisfaction in our space.

The psychology of color is intriguing. There are many aspects which influence yearly design forecasts, but one of the most significant factors is our growing global awareness. Through the internet and social media, our awareness of world cultures has increased our exposure to the broad spectrum of diversity on our planet.

Join me over the next four weeks as we delve into the predictions of the Sherwin-Williams 2016 Design Forecast. Stay tuned for more inspiration!

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