Alhambra Glacier Fabric

Alhambra has an overall light feeling with a white 100% cotton background and a soft infusion of colors.  This interesting, yet not-too-busy pattern is fairly large (27″ vertical & horizontal repeats), yet would fold into pleats beautifully as a pair of window panels.  It would also be very inviting as a duvet cover or several down-filled pillows.  With so many paint colors that would blend with Alhambra – Sherwin William’s mink, aquaverde, bee, and croissant – using this fabric as your room inspiration would create a stunning space that could lean in several style directions . . . farmhouse/rustic, classic/elegant, or fresh/modern.

Alhambra Glacier

Alhambra is a lovely fabric – interesting pattern, pleasing palette, and versatile style.