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Valerie Griffin Design is an Austin-based interior design firm that focuses on creating rooms you love coming home to.  Whether you need a design consultation to choose a paint color, expertise on the right window coverings, or guidance in furnishing an entire home, Valerie Griffin thrives on offering creative solutions for your design dilemmas.

Home is a vital part of who we are, an expression of us. My intent in each project is to creatively reflect the life, style, and relationships within that home. When I see the smiles on clients’ faces as they enter their newly decorated room, I smile too, knowing that they . . .

love coming home

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The Charming yet Challenging Casita

In my 20+ years of creating customized window solutions for clients, I have never encountered so many problem windows in one space. Just when I overcame an obstacle to one window, another dilemma to the design plan presented itself. Yet, I met the challenges head-on, determined to create an appealing and functional space for my client’s guests. Ironically, my clients chose to build this particular house plan because of the casita, so I powered through each problem, knowing installation day would be worth all the sweat (and almost tears).

I am so pleased with the Casita Project. The fabrics are fabulous, the quality of the workroom is excellent, and the installation of each window is perfect — thanks to my incredible trade partners, who helped make this project a huge success.

The clients were delighted with the completed design, and their first guest said she absolutely loved staying in the casita. I’d say that’s a job well done. For all its challenges, the casita truly is a charming place to stay. Maybe I’ll ask for a key!

The draperies feature two-finger pleating, a nod to classic style with fresh modern appeal. We installed the draperies on a motorized track (from The Finial Company) so that guests could open and close the treatment with the ease of a remote control. I selected blackout lining for maximum light-blocking benefits.
In the kitchen area, I designed a custom roman shade in the solid putty fabric with an accent band in a navy solid. The tailored outside-mount treatment solves the challenge of blocking the East morning sun.
While we considered motorization in the sitting room as well, the architecture of the space presented problems for a motorized installation. Spacing limitations and cost considerations resulted in my decision to mount a two-way manual draw on the back wall and a one-way draw on both of the side walls. With the insightful suggestion of my talented installer, we wrapped the drapery around the two corners of the sitting area so that when the drapes were open, the treatment still gave a finished look.
My clients desired the casita to reflect the comfort and serenity of a hotel suite. With beautiful fabrics, blackout capabilities, and well-appointed touches, we achieved their goal. Guests can open and close the motorized drapery treatment with the ease of a remote control.


The best reward was seeing my clients’ delight on install day in their Casita, but receiving First Place, Challenging Window Treatment, for a project I am so proud of was icing on the cake! I was honored to receive this award from VISION Window Fashion Magazine, and celebrating the creativity and hard work of designers and workrooms from across the country at the awards ceremony was a memorable moment in my career.

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