consultation_460When you are making design decisions, it helps to have another opinion before painting a room or buying a sofa or installing a wood floor. Decor changes involve time and expense; a consultation appointment offers you professional guidance, giving you confidence in your design decisions so that your time and money are spent wisely.

Scheduling a consultation is the first step in a design project where we get to know each other and chat about your space. You may just need one appointment to get some questions answered and point you in the right design direction. Or you may need ongoing consultations to keep you moving toward your design goals.

Here are the most frequently asked questions at a design consultation:

  • What paint color should I choose?
  • What does this room need?
  • What’s the best way to arrange furniture in this room?
  • What type of color(s) and pattern(s) would be best for new fabric / rug / furniture?
  • What type of window covering do I need for this window?
  • How do I cover this challenging window (arched, eyebrow, door)?
  • I have these flooring / countertop / backsplash samples . . . which ones look best?

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