Room Service


A room you love

A plan to create it

Delivered to your doorstep

What is Room Service?

Room Service is a personalized design experience from Valerie Griffin Design, which offers you a custom-designed room plan.

Who is Room Service for?

Room Service is for anyone who wants professional guidance in designing a room. It’s for those who say I want my room to be finished – make it happen!  It’s also for those who say I want a plan for my room so I can work toward finishing it on my own.  Room service is for both the DIY-ers and non-DIY-ers.

Where does the Room Service client live?

Anywhere! If you’re in the Austin area, we’ll meet in person to get started. Do you live outside the Austin area? Read more about e-design services here.

How does Room Service work?

Step 1:  Schedule an appointment at your home to chat about your project – needs and wants, likes and dislikes, priorities and budget.

Step 2:  Receive a proposal for the design fee detailing the scope of the project.

Step 3:  The Room Plan is created.

Step 4:  Valerie Griffin presents your custom Room Plan, or if you live outside the Austin area, your e-design room plan will arrive in the mail. As you see the color palette, samples, and pictures, you can visualize your new room – and you have a plan to make it happen.


Most plans include the following:

  • Design Board
  • Room Layout
  • Pinterest Board
  • Samples of fabric, paint, and other selections
  • Shopping List with pricing

room plan

The shopping list includes on-line resources with pictures and pricing, so you can order the items according to your timing and budget. You may choose to follow the selections closely, or use it as a guide as you shop on your own.

Step 5 {optional} : Installation Day! Let me handle the ordering, give me half a day to install, then come home for the big reveal of your new room!

install day living room